Read the first 3 chapters of my book AWAKEN


Last week I promised to share the first 3 chapters of my book Awaken. If you didn’t see me reading the book forward, you can watch it here. The entire book will be available in a few months, but for now, I’m excited to share the first 3 chapters with you!  Download your copy of the first 3 chapters of Awaken here.   Chapter 1 is about when everything fallsread more

A sneak peak of my new book. . . [VIDEO]


Hi love, I have something very special for you. I want to share with you the forward to my book Awaken. As you may know, I began writing my first book at the beginning of the year. The book will be coming out soon – just for my private clients to start. I may eventually choose to share it with a larger audience – but, for right now, I’m sharingread more

She whispered.


Shhhhhh, she whispered. Now’s not the time – to dance on the stage or work ’til you’re blind. There there, she smiled. Be soft and slow down. No more striving, my child, or pushing around. You’ve done that dance and you’ve played that part. The time has come to open your heart. But you must take note and be careful to mind that part of your fear being left more

How to be amazingly grateful for Life right now (free meditation inside!)


Hi love! I’m so unbelievably amazingly grateful for so many things right now. Just a week ago, I was camping with my husband. We spent a week outdoors in places like Mt. Shasta, Crater Lake (pictured below) and then went up to Mt. Hood to watch the eclipse. It was one of my favorite vacations of all time and I am filled with so much love and joy. Life definitelyread more

Love others without conditions (and other wisdom)


Hi love, I just returned from a week long camping trip all along the West Coast! My husband and I took a road trip up to Portland to see the solar eclipse and I spent a whole week hiking, outdoors, and recharging my mind, body and spirit after a busy few months. Nature is one of my go-to ways to come back home to myself and I feel like aread more

Racism, hate + what you can do about it . . .


This past weekend, I was deep in retreat leading 22 women in The SoulShine Sisterhood. I turn my phone off during these types of events and don’t look at news or email while I’m there. When I came home Sunday night and read about the racism and hatred that led to violence and death in Charlottesville this weekend, my mind got angry and my heart got broken. As you may know, I grewread more


 IT’S TIME. It is time I claim my brilliance. To own my power, my sexuality, my beauty, my boldness. To no longer shrink to play the part,  or to hide behind someone else’s life. It’s time I claim my brilliance. To own my voice, my opinions, my thoughts, my Truth. To no longer dim my Essence to fit in, or to ignore my feelings to belong. It is time Iread more

5 ways to move through feelings & get unstuck


Let me give you some background on today’s blog: I had an eating disorder for many years in my 20s. It was bad and lasted about 5 years until I started the deep inner work of healing what got me there in the first place. I don’t talk about that part of my life a lot because it’s not directly related to the work I do, but this food thing is a problemread more

Slowing Down – What would it be like?


What would it be like but love it if we just slowed down?  If we replaced our busyness and checklist with emptiness and space instead?  What if we measured our worth by the depth of our connection rather than the length of our to-do list? What would it be like beloved if we just slowed down?   If we replaced doing with being and substituted stress for stillness?  What if theread more

Relationships + Gratitude (A Powerful Interview with Terri Cole)


This conversation with psychotherapist and founder of The Real Love Revolution, Terri Cole, was INCREDIBLE!!!! We talked about relationships, boundaries, how to say no, high functioning co-dependency, real love, authentic communication, and so so much more!  Terri also shared her powerful 3-step process to use whenever you get triggered in ANY relationship (my mouth fell open when she shared this!)   LISTEN FOR ENDLESS NUGGETS OF WISDOM….   Terri isread more