IT’S TIME. It is time I claim my brilliance. To own my power, my sexuality, my beauty, my boldness. To no longer shrink to play the part,  or to hide behind someone else’s life. It’s time I claim my brilliance. To own my voice, my opinions, my thoughts, my Truth. To no longer dim my Essence to fit in, or to ignore my feelings to belong. It is time Iread more

Slowing Down – What would it be like?


What would it be like but love it if we just slowed down?  If we replaced our busyness and checklist with emptiness and space instead?  What if we measured our worth by the depth of our connection rather than the length of our to-do list? What would it be like beloved if we just slowed down?   If we replaced doing with being and substituted stress for stillness?  What if theread more



Cozy up.  It’s that time.  I invite you to take 11 minutes and let me guide you through a simple and powerful year-end ritual. There are 4 short parts.  You can click here to listen to me guide you through this process or you can guide yourself by reading below. I suggest you create space in your day to sit down for a few minutes, grab a pen and paper,read more

Learn how to navigate friendships on the spiritual path


In this video, you’ll hear me talk about how to navigate friendships on the spiritual path.  Often times, it can feel like we are outgrowing people or that they no longer “get” us. In this video, you’ll hear me talk about: The 3 easy things you MUST do to navigate changing relationships and friendships. Without these, you’ll feel lost and confused. Saying goodbye to friendships that no longer feel aligned.read more

Why You’re Tired During the Holidays. It’s Not What You Think!


You tired?  Depleted?  Sick?  Stressed out?  Stretched thin? A question was brought up in the The 40 Day Gratitude Circle on why so many people were tired and feeling depleted right now.  And, it was such a powerful and insightful question that it made me want to respond in a bigger way, because it’s a very real issue this time of year and the reason is probably not what youread more

The Goddess of Destruction is calling.


I’ve got a new voice “blog” for you today.  I love being able to speak to you like this and today’s brief 4 minute converstion to start your day is wildly important if you’ve ever felt like life is having its way with you and everything is getting shaken up in a big way!  Here’s what to do when Kali comes calling…take a listen by clicking the track above. In the Indian tradition,read more

How to handle negative people.


  You know what makes me sadder than anything in the world? When you come across someone who is uncomfortable with your level of enthusiasm for life.     And because of their own experiences, they say something or do something that makes you believe that your enthusiasm isn’t welcome. That it’s wrong.  Because it makes them uncomfortable.     It’s sad because what so often happens – and Iread more

Screw the Plan


“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking back. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something; your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever, because believing that the dots will connect down the road, will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well worn path. Thatread more

Do you ever compare yourself to others? Do this instead.


“HOW TO STOP COMPARING YOURSELF…”   Do you ever compare yourself to others? Of course, you do. We all do. You can watch my quick video on how to snap out of it below (or skip write down to the transcript!)     When we compare ourselves to others, we’re usually left feeling pretty icky afterwards. Somehow when we hold our life against someone else’s life, we’re left feeling inadequateread more

VIDEO: 5 steps to getting exactly what you want!


A few weeks ago, I spent some time down in Big Sur, California camping, hiking and being in the sunshine with my husband.  There is nothing more rejuvenating to me than being outside near the water.  I mean, look at this view! But half-way through our very first hike, I found myself totally distracted and completely incapable of enjoying where I was because I was too busy trying to findread more