My Journey

You’ve followed the rules.

You’ve done what you’re supposed to do.

You’ve worked hard.

You’ve done things the “right”way.

But there’s a calling inside of you that just won’t rest.

You know there has to be something more to your life.

My transformative body of work is designed to help you SHINE from the inside out.

Take a look:


My journey, possibly like yours, hasn’t been a linear road from Point A to Point B.

It’s been quite the opposite – filled with twists and turns, stopping and starting over, discovering and rediscovering.

It is said that if you can see your path clearly laid out in front of you, it’s not your path because you make your path with every step you take.



a southern belle from lousiana

a former wall street trader

a bleeding heart missionary

a deeply spiritual soul



(click here to read my detailed journey of how I came to do this work)

In the past 4 years, I’ve gone from sitting with 4 computer screens in front of me, working 12+ hour days lost and uninspired to having built an inspirational business aimed at helping other women transform their lives from the inside out.  I have face CHANGED + been called to TRANSFORM time after time – and my life is more MAGNIFICENT than I ever could have imagined because I listened to the call.  This is why I’m devoted to guiding other women through this process.

I’m living the exact life I envisioned 4 years when I left my Wallstreet job. 

I’ve worked with hundreds of women in dozens of countries, built an online community The Gratitude Circle with over 20,000 heart-centered women sharing gratitude, led multiple soulful retreats, and even led open and closing ceremonies for hundreds of soul-seekers at events like SoulCamp and SoulLoveFest. I live part time in San Francisco and part-time in at our home in wine country.  And to top it all, my partnership with my husband is stronger than I knew possible.

But building this life hasn’t always been easy.

I’ve faced darkness and moments when I wanted to quit and walk away.  I’ve been scared, down to my last penny, confused and lost.  I’ve doubted, worried, lost friends, and made new ones.  I cannot count the number of times I’ve gotten down on my knees and surrendered.

I believe that change is possible, but we must be devoted to our own growth.

I believe that when we’re left up to our own patterns, beliefs, and old ways of living – we will always find excuses to stay safe.  When we’re aware of our own stuff, we start consciously choosing how we want to live our lives rather than just letting life happen to us.

We create our own reality, so we must have teachers, mentors and guides to help us get out of our own way to ensure we’re creating the life we want.

We can’t do it alone.

6 months before I left my corporate job, I hired a coach.  I knew if I didn’t have someone to help me be accountable, I’d stay in my comfort zone.  I was DONE with the comfort zone.  I’ve worked with a coach ever since that day.  I have business coaches, spiritual teachers, energy workers, and life coaches in my corner still.

I believe that the world rises to meet us when we devote ourselves to becoming the BEST possible version of who we were born to be.

And becoming the best possible version of yourself takes commitment and support.  I do this work because I know the power of having someone who supports you, stretches you, and guides you to become your best self.

Working with me is your chance to pause, ask yourself the real questions, and really listen for what’s next.



my journey collage

I buy a homeless person lunch at least once a week. You don’t have to have a lot to give a little.

I fell madly in love with Frida Khalo, Pablo Neruda & Khalil Gibran well before I could drive.

I love chai tea more than any other drink in the world.

I actually do eat an apple a day because I love them.

I’m an expert at making salads but can barely boil an egg.

You’ll usually find me in the sunshine, with a book, on a blanket.

I’ve been collecting quotes since I was 10.



Julie Santiago is a former Wall Street Trader turned writer, speaker, teacher and guide for women who are ready to break out of the box and start living their Truth.

She graduated from John Hopkins University with honors and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach through Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a Certified Transformational Life Coach through Holistic MBA, and is a Certified Vinyasa Flow & Kundalini Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance.

She has led thousands of amazing women through her virtual communities, live events and in-person transformational retreats.  She incorporates a variety of modalities including yoga, meditation, coaching, holistic wellness, and spiritual philosophy to guide women on their path to awakening.

Julie believes that every woman deserves to feel in love with herself and the world around her. Her clients say that working with Julie is a revolution for your soul and a life-changing journey.


With me as your guide, you will learn how to dance to the magic of life.  You stop controlling things. You start trusting that there is another way and that it’s safe to walk this new path. You know that you don’t have to walk it alone.  Together, we open doors.

I have a super organized, linear, corporate brain mixed with spot on, feminine intuition sprinkled with some deeply inspiring spirituality.

You will know exactly what to do to move forward in your life, in your relationships, in your business and everything in between. YOU WILL BECOME YOU AGAIN.

No more fear. No more wondering or waiting.

Just you and the truth of who you are. Safe. Loved. Protected. Inspired.  Free. Here for something important.

 Together, we uncover what that is.