Racism, hate + what you can do about it . . .

This past weekend, I was deep in retreat leading 22 women in The SoulShine Sisterhood. I turn my phone off during these types of events and don’t look at news or email while I’m there.

When I came home Sunday night and read about the racism and hatred that led to violence and death in Charlottesville this weekend, my mind got angry and my heart got broken.

As you may know, I grew up in Louisiana. I’m not a stranger to racism. When I was 8 years old, there was a KKK rally on the steps of the local courthouse. I’m not that old. You can do the math – this wasn’t that long ago. The “n” word was used like it was no big deal and the entire town was divided into 4 sections: black, white, black, white.

What we’re seeing now isn’t new. It didn’t just happen. We’re just finally waking up to what’s been so systemic that we weren’t able to see it until we were ready to actually do something about it.

This is the way Awakening works. We can’t change anything until we’re aware there’s actually something to change.


For those of you feeling fear, let that fear be the tailwind to propel you into action.

For those of you who feel hopeless, remember that this is simply the start of a massive uprising and cultural revolution. 

For those of you who want to know why this is happening and what you can do, here is my take…

What’s happening in the outer world (horizontal plane) is a reflection of what’s been happening on the inner world (vertical plane) for thousands of years.

Over time, as people disconnected from their inner alignment, they also disconnected from their hearts. Fear and hate grew like weeds in place of trust and love. The epidemic spread from the inner worlds of people to the outer worlds. 

Because we are all connected in one big energy field, what happens inside one person is can be felt by people around them. When one person disconnects from their heart, everyone around them is affected. ​​​​​​​

At some point, everyone was affected by this epidemic and hate drove out love. 

This is why the world is where it is – and it’s not just “out there”. It’s also in ourselves. Every time we hate or judge ourselves, we spread hate and judgment in the field we’re in. Every time we hate or judge another person (even when we feel justified) we spread hate and judgment to the field.  

Hate of any kind breeds more hate.

We’re all responsible.  We’re responsible for our selves, our thoughts, and our actions.  And it is our duty to come back to the love in our hearts (for ourselves and for others)every single day or nothing can ever change.  

Love can be gentle and it can be fierce. Love can look like smiling at a homeless man or marching for humans rights. But love must be the reason we do anything.  

​​​​​​If we don’t do it all in the name of LOVE, we’re a part of the problem. 

My prayer is that we all continue to align from the inside first, lead with our hearts, start with ourselves, and take action in the name of love.

​​​​​​​In unity,

Julie Santiago

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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