Slowing Down – What would it be like?

What would it be like but love it if we just slowed down? 

If we replaced our busyness and checklist with emptiness and space instead? 

What if we measured our worth by the depth of our connection rather than the length of our to-do list?

What would it be like beloved if we just slowed down?  

If we replaced doing with being and substituted stress for stillness? 

What if the real test of life wasn’t about striving, but rather about whether or not we could see the glimmer in each other’s eyes? 

Sometimes I wonder if it’s been there all along but maybe we were just too distracted to see it.

What would it be like if we just slowed down? 

What if life revealed itself in the blank space and the long pause?   

What if the magic has been hiding underneath our nose all along and we simply just had to slow down long enough to see it?

What if, Beloved?

What if?

Please tell me below – what is 1 way you can slow down your life so you don’t miss it all?



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  1. mindfulness, my days in the garden, sitting there watching the butterfly fly from one flower to another.
    so grateful to have this paid experience on a day to day basis.

    Garden Coordinator @ an Elementary School

    thank you Julie Santiago

  2. Start an exercise regimen. I think my mind is constant n if I slowed down n take time to exercise, it’d help.

  3. I have started a daily quiet time to help me slow down. I do draw a card and read about the card for the day. Then I do one or two dot to dot meditations which quiets my mind and then I write what the combinations and quiet bring to mind. I also am noticing when I am stressed and I “stop and drop”, go to a quiet spot if possible and do deep breathing exercises. All of this helps me to stay present, slow down and enjoy.

  4. Quiet time in my garden….

  5. Tammy MacEachern says:

    I love to go fishing in the lake and camping that’s my serenity time to my self. Get away from all the go go go in life and quiet the mind

  6. Yolande says:

    What a beautiful way to start my day! It’s a fresh morning in my garden here with a smoothie and the sweet accompaniment of your words. I was just reflecting on the idea of slowing down this morning and on the back of my had are two words, “What if”. I love those synchronicities!

    For me slowing down my life is leaving my phone at home and going for bush and beach walks in the evening with the spirit of an explorer, seeing where I end up. This spirit inspires a sense of curiosity and engagement in my environment that removes all sense of past and future and really helps sloooooow life down.

  7. to listen to this recording on slowing down, clearing my mind, and just practice to BE.

    thank you Julie, this is such a timely message.

  8. Love your sweet shining spirit, Julie, <3

  9. Jude Covacevich says:

    Sitting on my verandah just looking. Not trying to see anything just looking out. It has been amazing what my eyes feasted on. The colours in a spiders web….mind blowing. The rustle of the black bamboo…wow. The many greens in the trees. The birds in song! Wow just this all doing nothing. I am so grateful <3

  10. Walks through the woods behind my house, being mindful of my connection to the nature that surrounds me. I also take at least on block of time from my day to do a breathing meditation, but more when I become triggered, in which case I follow my feeling to its source as a witness observer. Thank you for your words Julie! Namaste

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