Work With Me

You're done playing small and hiding your light.

You know you have more to give the world. You're tired of settling.  You simply want more.

Working with me is a profound journey.
I don't do quick fixes. I get real and we go deep.
That's why my work works.

You are a bright light with a purpose and you're here to contribute.
You may not feel that way right now, but underneath all the roles, masks, fears, self-doubt, and confusion,
you already know who you are and why you're here.

Our work together is about guiding you to remember and reclaim the real "you" -
the "you" who is confident, empowered, clear, focused and alive.

Are you ready to rediscover your inner light and step into a more meaningful life?

Here's how I love to work with women...



A 6-week private 1-on-1 coaching program.  Weekly calls.  Daily emails. All done over the phone.

This 6-week private journey helps you discover your truth + awaken your heart. This is for women who know they are at a crossroads in their life.  The women who say 'yes' to Awaken are on the verge of a breakthrough.  They are being called to something more in their lives.

Applications Now Open!




This 3-night, 4-day all-inclusive group retreat will change the way you see yourself as a woman. 

 Within every woman lives a wild force of nature filled with ancient wisdom, passionate creativity and a fierce face of the goddess that won’t rest until she brings justice to this world. The Wild Woman Retreat is an invitation to reclaim your wild, natural, intuitive, powerful nature. It’s a call to come back home to the earth and to yourself.

February 8th- 11th, 2018

Applications Now Open - only 8 spots available!




A full-day, in-person private immersion to activate your purpose and take action on your dreams.

During a luxurious 2-night stay in Sonoma, California with Julie, you will get clear on your purpose, find your superpowers, ignite your voice, clear away any fears or shadows keeping you stuck, and then create a heart-centered action plan based on how you work best so that you can start sharing your gifts with the world in full alignment to who you truly are.

Now Accepting Applications. Very Limited Spaces Available.




A 9-month dive into the mystical, into yourself, and into a tribe of like-minded women here to support you, love you, and guide you along the way!

The SoulShine Sisterhood takes you through the 9 gateways of unlocking your inner light, finding your confidence, and tapping into your power! Part mystical, part practical, you will walk away knowing and loving yourself more than you imagined possible.

Enrollment for The SoulShine Sisterhood Re-Opens in 2018.




You’re ready to let go of self-doubt once and for all.
You’re ready to move forward.
You’re ready to uncover your dreams.
You’re ready to go deeper.
You’re ready to feel inspired and inspire others.
You’re ready to discover your purpose, your joy, and your passions.
You’re ready to step into your power.
You’re ready to share your gifts with the world.
You’re ready to feel alive and radiate your light.
You’re ready to discover why you’re here so you can be truly happy and wildly free…

It's time to break through and shine brightly.

I'm here to light your way.