About Julie
About Julie

Julie Santiago graduated from Johns Hopkins University, is a former Wall Street Trader, and now a Master Women’s Life & Leadership Coach. She is globally known for her work with ambitious women on the brink of burnout.

Julie has been a transformational leadership coach since 2012.  She has worked with thousands of women who are at a crossroads in their lives – showing them how to heal the underlying causes of burnout, get clear on what they truly want, and craft a plan to help them get there. Julie is committed to teaching women how to finally banish burnout and end overwhelm for good, so they can have a meaningful and fulfilling life without having to sacrifice their health, their relationships or their happiness.

As a coach, Julie is known for blending transformational inner work with practical and powerful results.  What sets her apart is the combination of her Johns Hopkins education and Wall Street experience plus a 10-year path of transformational coaching work and yogic and meditation studies. This gives her a unique ability to work with successful, high-achieving women and quickly see the patterns and inner blocks holding them back from their greatness and shift them at their root.  Coupled with Julie’s no-nonsense, action-oriented approach to creating change, her clients are able to shift long-standing patterns and get unstuck and into action quickly.

Julie brings her unique background as a Lebanese woman born in Louisiana, her Johns Hopkins education, her experience as a Vice President on Wall Street, and her extensive background in various coaching and transformational methodologies, plus her years of research on the underlying causes of burnout for high-achieving women along with a highly intuitive and fierce approach to catalyzing women into their next level of life and leadership.


Why I do this work:

I believe the old systems are crumbling and what got us here won’t be what takes us where we want to go – change is necessary for growth.

I believe that when women step into their power, they cannot help but lead – in their personal and professional lives.

I am dedicated to living in a world where every woman knows her power and expresses herself fully so she can share her gifts and contribute to the world in a healthy and sustainable way.

I believe we cannot wait for someone to do this for us. It’s time for women everywhere to rise and do our part – and that starts with healing our own patterns first, doing our inner work, pulling ourselves out of the trenches with the right support, and then reaching back to do the same for other women and the next children of young girls to follow.


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