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Julie Santiago Inc. is an executive life and leadership coaching company that empowers high-achieving corporate women to live and lead balanced, sustainable, and fulfilling lives—without sacrificing their health, careers, relationships, or happiness.

We address the underlying patterns of burnout and equip leaders with a foundation of holistic wellness—mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and occupational wellbeing—so they can flourish and lead lives with clarity and purpose.


We are building a world where every woman boldly and bravely lives and leads with a deepened connection to her intuition, confidence, and truest self. A changemaker, her clarity, energy, and presence transcends her family, community, and society. We do this because we know that when a woman is resourced, empowered and supported, she changes the world.



Inspired by her own experience climbing the Wall Street corporate ladder and feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled, Julie developed her signature coaching program, Awaken Your Life, based on 10 years of research in neuroscience, mindfulness, positive psychology, and holistic leadership development. She’s since helped more than 1,000 women across the globe—C-suite executives, corporate managers, business owners, doctors, lawyers, and more—successfully banish burnout and exhaustion.

Julie is a proud mother, wife, entrepreneur, and member of the Forbes Coaches Council.



If you want to know more about we do this, you can watch our free training here.