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About Us

We’re on a mission to empower high-achieving, professional women to eliminate burnout and create a balanced and meaningful life so they can live and lead in a sustainable way without sacrificing their health, their relationships or their happiness.

We are a hybrid executive education and personal development company and our program ends the patterns of overwork and burnout that exist within highly-successful women, while giving them the tools and strategies needed plus the community and support necessary to have a fulfilling career and a robust personal life.

We do this because we know that when a woman is resourced, empowered and supported, she changes the world.



Julie Santiago graduated from Johns Hopkins University and climbed the Wall Street corporate ladder achieving professional and financial success. However, inside she was overwhelmed, exhausted, empty and unfulfilled.  After a decade of research, self-reflection, growth, and thousands of hours coaching women from all backgrounds, Julie is now globally known for her work with high-achieving women who are on the verge of burning out and longing for more balance.

Julie is a Women’s Life & Leadership Coach, a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an entrepreneur, a wife and mother. Her methodology teaches women how to have a fulfilling career and a meaningful life without sacrificing one for the other.

As a coach, Julie is known for blending transformational inner work with practical and powerful results.

Julie brings her unique background as a Lebanese woman born in Louisiana, her Johns Hopkins education, her experience as a Vice President on Wall Street, and her extensive background in various coaching and transformational methodologies, plus her years of research on the underlying causes of burnout for high-achieving women along with a highly intuitive and fierce approach to catalyzing women into their next level of life and leadership.



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