Shine Affirmation Cards

Affirmations are simply a way that we can retrain our brain to focus on all the good in our life. They are a tool for empowerment, for self-discovery, and for transformation. Affirmations played such a big role in my own transformational spiritual journey, I knew I wanted to create a way for you to experience affirmations in an easy to use way.

Shine Affirmation cards were birthed from my desire to provide a way for you to receive guidance, support, and affirmation that life is always working out in your favor no matter the apparent circumstances.  These cards are meant to support you to tap into own inner light so you can fearlessly shine your light. Each card is meant to elevate and uplift you.


How to use these cards:

Whenever you have a question or need some guidance, come to these cards.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath in.  Simply scroll through the cards below by using the gold tab below the cards. Take a deep breath in and when you’re ready to stop scrolling, stop and pick your card.

Once you select your card, read the message and ask how it applies to your life right now. You may want to sit in silence after drawing your card or grab a journal and write about it. Personally, my favorite thing to do is to pull a card each morning and use it as my guide throughout the day.


What do I need to know today?

Pull a card to guide you.



Watch this video on how to use your cards:


1. Pick one card each morning for an inspirational mantra for the day.

2. Use as a journal prompt to get your thoughts and feelings flowing.

3. Put one at each place setting at the dinner table for friends & family.

4. Stick one in a handwritten note to a friend.

5. Drop a card in the back of a cab or in the mirror of a public restroom to inspire others.

6. Pick a card when you’re feeling frustrated, stuck, in a funk or just need a “pick me up”

7. Share the cards in your classroom, in your yoga studio, or around the breakfast table.

8. Leave a card in the library book or underneath a windshield wiper to make someone’s day.

9. Ask a specific question that you want clarity on.

10. Pick a card with friends and use it as a conversation starter to go deeper.