This is the best motto to live by

When I began my true journey of self-discovery, I felt really alone. I’d spent most of my life being the strong one, the one who had it all together, the one who looked pretty solid on the outside.  

But the truth was that I wasn’t what I appeared to be. Underneath the badass, organized, type A, over-achiever…I was longing for something more. I wasn’t being true to myself. I was on a hamster wheel and didn’t know how to get off.

When I began the journey to find my truest self, it was incredibly rocky at the beginning.  

I wasn’t sure of anything. I wasn’t sure about my job, my friendships, my place in the world. I felt lost, disoriented, and confused.

Whenever Life calls us to be TRUE to ourselves, the first phase of that transformation is the dissolving phase of becoming.

The dissolving phase of becoming feels like everything is falling apart but it’s simply Life’s way of dismantling the old so that it can help you rebuild the new.

If you are in the process of transformation and feel lost or confused – I invite you to TRUST that Life is simply rearranging itself to help bring you an even better life.

This messy middle part of Life is where most people get freaked out and want to quit. When Life gets uncomfortable, most people want to bolt and run.

We’re all uncomfortable sitting in the unknown but the true gifts of Life are waiting on the other side of uncertainty.

Sometimes, we have to allow our life to change forms but we cannot do it by ourselves which leads me to my favorite life motto.

No one can do it for you and you can’t do it alone.

This quote has been a guiding force in my life for many years. No one really knows the true origin, but I will tell you that it has reminded me of two things:

1) That it’s MY job to do my inner work, and
2) That I don’t have to do it by myself

You have to be the one to walk this path! That’s YOUR job. But you absolutely cannot walk it by yourself. If you are committed to your own growth, then the right teachers, friends, and opportunities will arise to support you through it.

It’s your job to show up and do the work, but you must never forget that you’re not meant to do it by yourself.

If you’re at a phase in your journey where you’d like someone to walk beside you and help you get unstuck, there are a few spots left in my Group Awaken program that begins on May 1st.

Awaken is a 6-week journey of coming home to yourself. 

It’s definitely not for everyone. It’s for the spiritual seekers who are devoted to knowing the truth about themselves, their lives and their purpose here on earth. It’s for women who are ready for MORE.

Awaken is powerful and potent. It’s a 6-week group program where I am guiding you both 1-on-1 and in the group .

I’m intentionally keeping the group to only 6 women so I can devote my energy to our container. Half of the spots are already taken and the doors close in 1 week. The remaining spots will likely fill up before then, so if you’re interested…


6 women. 6 weeks. Together, we Awaken.

May you remember that you never have to do it alone.

With love,


p.s. If you are seeking more from your life and you’re ready to FEEL different in your life (rather than just talking about it), Awaken may be your doorway. There are only a few spots left. If your heart is called, you can read more here.

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