Putting an End to Perfectionism

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Jana was plagued by perfectionism. It followed her as a straight-A student, a chemical engineer in pre-med in college, and into her dream job at a Fortune 100 company.

On paper, her life was perfect.

“I was driven by achieving excellence,” says Jana. “With everything I did, I would push myself to the max. I had a great, successful career, but it wasn’t creating the life I wanted.”

Working demanding 10-hour days on top of a pandemic, virtual learning, and a new home dynamic due to quarantine—burnout quickly found Jana.

She felt trapped, lacked sleep, struggled turning work off, was on the verge of quitting, and she was afraid she was failing her husband and kids with her lack of presence.

“I felt robotic in my life,” says Jana. “Everything was a to-do list, and I had been down the path of burnout for a few years. But the pandemic made things seem so unbearable.”

“I viewed the problem as it’s too much to try to have a career, have kids, and be a good wife,” she says.

“I didn’t consider that part of the problem was me and how I was approaching setting boundaries, being a perfectionist, and striving for recognition.”

Working at an unsustainable pace, Jana knew a big shift was crucial to help her reduce her stress and create balance in her life so she could be present and enjoy everything she worked so hard for.


Jana found the structure of the Awaken Your Life program, including its holistic approach to eliminating burnout, education on how to harness feminine leadership, accountability check-ins, coaching support, and access to the client community, ”fail proof.”

“If you trust the process and lean into this amazing network of incredible women, that support is powerful,” she says of the growing 450-plus client community.  “There is so much need for feminine leadership within the sciences.”

She adds: “I never sought to change my ingrained perfectionist patterns or uncover the underlying direct trauma, but I have an appreciation for how necessary it is—and what a gift it is.”

Jana attributes some of her biggest transformations to AYL’s concepts surrounding identifying pillars of support, understanding triggers and how to handle them, and embracing mindfulness to keep negative energy at a distance.

Not only does Jana schedule more time for her personal wellbeing—gym, yoga, wellness breaks—but her boundary-setting has improved her work-life balance and enabled her to deepen her professional and personal relationships.

“I’m a completely different person and found the woman I want to be,” she says. “I’m much more grounded and aware of my feelings and what I specifically need from others.”

Jana B quote

“I never had that, and before the program, I would bury my emotions or it would show up as anger. I didn’t have the tools to realize what I needed and how to ask for it.”

Jana has stopped overworking, is getting more responsibility and recognition at work, including receiving the top scientific innovation award at her job, and she has even spoken at a global leadership panel about her pandemic-related burnout.

“Being an effective leader and making change, it’s not numbers and black and white,” says Jana. “It’s how you lead a team, make an impact, and motivate people to come to work. It’s about connection and relating to them on a deeper level.”

Elaborating on her burnout panel experience, she adds:

“Before AYL, I would have been mortified to share my personal story about burnout. But I had a deep sense of self and was vulnerable—it feels good to have that kind of impact. It is a piece of evidence of the fruits of this program.”

“Now, I experience more joy at my job and the joy of little moments with my kids and family life,” says Jana. “I have an appreciation for life.”


  • Nominated for an innovation award
  • Spoke on a global leadership panel about burnout
  • Increased awareness, resilience, and mindfulness
  • Reduced overworking
  • More presence for her family
  • Deeper connections in personal and professional relationships

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