Reclaiming Confidence and Freedom

Featured Case Study

Sena M1


A natural high achiever, Sena reached her dream leadership role after rising through the ranks in a male-dominated industry. "It was everything I ever wanted," she says.

That's why it shocked her when she was ready to quit and throw away everything she had built over the past 20 years.

"As soon as I got it, I started feeling major impostor syndrome and stress to the max," she says. "I was in a leadership role for the first time, and the advice I received was to 'establish your career and just double down and do it.' I saw the guys were doing it just fine-what was wrong with me?"

So she did. Three years later, she hadn't taken a single vacation and work continued to consume her mind, so much, in fact, that she even pushed aside her grief after losing a loved one.

"I told myself I don't have time to feel this because I had so much work to do," says Sena. "I had unprocessed grief, and then the pandemic hit, and I knew I couldn't do this anymore. I hit rock bottom-and I felt alone."

Sena was faced with crippling anxiety, fear of failure in her career and its connection with her self worth.

"If I hadn't seen Julie's ad for the Awaken Your Life program, I probably would have quit and taken a pay cut to do something else," she says. "If I stayed in it, the question was, 'How long can you tread water before you drown?'"


With over two decades of experience with masculine role models, Sena most valued AYL's foundation of modeling feminine leadership and principles surrounding self love, awareness, compassion, intuition, authenticity, and sustainability.

"Women can and should be in leadership," she says. "The AYL program has given me the freedom to show up for my team in a more caring and authentic way. If you're focused on filling your own cup, it flows over.

She adds: "My co-workers have mentioned, 'you really care about us.' That's a shift I never anticipated before the program, but I know now that's the leader I want to be."

Using the program's self-coaching tools, Sena has been able to proactively manage stress and increase her self awareness and resilience-and the results have permeated positive change throughout her life.

Shortly after graduating the AYL program, Sena was also given stock options in her company and a new leadership opportunity, accompanied by a 25 percent salary increase, a 5x return on her investment.

“A big win for me was working with a tough client and being fully aware of what I was feeling. I knew which pitfall was being activated, the root cause of why I was feeling that way, and I had tactical breathing exercises and a power pose to counter that feeling,” says Sena.


“By the time the meeting came, I felt so much better and came in with more confidence, awareness, and clarity.”

Now that she’s able to reorient how she responds to stress, Sena feels more confident and energized by her work, and she’s able to disconnect so she can be present and enjoy her marriage.

“With this lifetime blueprint and toolkit, I feel bulletproof because no matter what happens or what I’m feeling, it is an opportunity for growth.”

She adds: “Anything that seems to be an obstacle is a chance for me to lean in and figure out what it is trying to teach me rather than being scared.”

And while her career is thriving, Sena continues to expand her identity beyond work, focusing on reclaiming her time, freedom, and priorities.

“I’ve made 5x my investment, but most importantly, I’ve discovered a sustainable way to live and lead my life—I’ve found inner peace, and that’s a priceless gift I’ll take with me for the rest of my life,” she says.

“You can’t put a dollar amount on that.”

“Because I’m not bogged down with the fear of work, I’m freed up to be present and to now plan what the next 15 years of trips with my husband look like. There’s no limit.”


  • Received a promotion with a 25% salary increase
  • Planned first vacation in 5 years
  • More self awareness, confidence, clarity, and self-compassion
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved personal relationships and presence

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