A sneak peak of my new book. . . [VIDEO]


Hi love, I have something very special for you. I want to share with you the forward to my book Awaken. As you may know, I began writing my first book at the beginning of the year. The book will be coming out soon – just for my private clients to start. I may eventually choose to share it with a larger audience – but, for right now, I’m sharingread more


 IT’S TIME. It is time I claim my brilliance. To own my power, my sexuality, my beauty, my boldness. To no longer shrink to play the part,  or to hide behind someone else’s life. It’s time I claim my brilliance. To own my voice, my opinions, my thoughts, my Truth. To no longer dim my Essence to fit in, or to ignore my feelings to belong. It is time Iread more

The real reason I share my personal life


If you’ve been a part of this community for a while, you know that I often share the real, raw and vulnerable Truth about my life. Last week was no exception when I shared some super personal news about my miscarriage. The fact that I share so much may seem totally weird to some people.  It may seem totally normal to others. You may wonder how I draw the line between running myread more

Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.


I just arrived in Louisiana to visit my family for the week and I’m so excited for long sleeps, movies with my dad, and dinners with my mom and sister. I’m writing you today to chat about something important that can be quick sneaky – quitting 😉 I don’t necessarily consider myself a quitter, but I’ve wanted to quit many times in my life. I wanted to quit softball in thirdread more

My real + vulnerable transformation journey


It’s the start of the new year and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, so I wrote you a letter that’s a little more personal and vulnerable than usual. So, snuggle up + hang with me for a little. From the time I was a little a little girl, I always felt different. I didn’t know what it was, but I could just feel it. I was the black sheep ofread more

This is the most important blog I’ve ever written.


On Sunday night, when I was packing for my trip to teach at Soul Camp, something profound happened. Rather than grabbing my go-to carry-on, I went down to our basement and found the largest suitcase we had and started packing.  You see – I used to pride myself on packing light.  I didn’t want to be high maintenance, so I’d squeeze everything I needed into a tiny carry-on. Whether theread more

This exercise changed my life. Here you go.


One of the things that I love so much about the work I do is that I have the opporunity to continue to grow and shed layers of myself all the time.  I didn’t realize when I created the tagline of my business “The Radical Discovery of Your Truth” that I would stretch into living that tagline all the time.  Layer after layer, my onion gets peeled.  Just when Iread more

The thing nobody tells you about relationships


The other day one of my friends asked me why I never write or talk about my marriage.  The answer was easy… Because it’s SO private!   In choosing to do this work in the world, I make a daily to choice to be vulnerable with you and share a lot of my personal life.  Part of the way I teach is that I share real life stories and scenariosread more

The dirty little secret about fear.


Last week was a doozy.  Not sure if you felt it but for me and for many of my clients, there were A LOT of emotions flying around.  Not only did I have a personal “OMG am I really going to share this new thing with the world?!” moment (more on that next month), but I also received two very vulnerable emails from two separate clients about all the FEARread more

How to see the light in others (even when you’re mad!)


I’ve got a new voice “blog” for you today that I recorded last night after learning of Wayne Dyer’s passing.  For those of you who may not know of Wayne Dyer, he revolutionzed the self-help world through his books, interviews and inspirational talks. I record all of my voice blogs for you without planning and when the moment strikes, so you can hear the crickets in the background as I discuss my favorite Wayneread more