She whispered.


Shhhhhh, she whispered. Now’s not the time – to dance on the stage or work ’til you’re blind. There there, she smiled. Be soft and slow down. No more striving, my child, or pushing around. You’ve done that dance and you’ve played that part. The time has come to open your heart. But you must take note and be careful to mind that part of your fear being left more

The $54 million dollar question

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The other day I read a story about a man who created an app and sold it for $54,000,000. He quit “real life” and decided to travel around the world with his family. For the rest of his life, that’s his plan. I started wondering what I would do if I had $54,000,000. Would I leave my apartment in San Francisco? Would I buy a big house on the beach?read more

Dear Valentine,


Be your own valentine. Today and everyday.  Receiving love from someone else feels good, but empowering yourself to give yourself love without needing it from anyone else feels great.  The love and care you give yourself first can never be taken away. So you no longer have to show up in your relationships needing something, but rather you come to them from a place of wholeness.  Fill yourself up more

Full Moon Magic.


Late last night, we experienced a powerful full moon lunar eclipse.  Eclipses are a time for reset, for rebirth.  This one particularly is an opportunity to look at what is no longer working in our lives and consciously choose to let old patterns and old beliefs go.  You can read more about this full moon on one of my favorite websites here.  So why does this matter to you?   Todayread more

Machu Picchu


One of the most profound experiences Ive ever had was after I had hiked to Machu Picchu. I was sitting by myself watching the fog lift over the big mountain that overlooks Macchu Picchu and I realized how small we all are, how each individual person is just a little fleck in the universe. It was such a powerful moment realizing the vastness of the earth and the universe andread more

Remembering the Forgotten


Originally published on June 29, 2006 in The Shreveport Times by Jennifer Flowers Note: After graduating from college, I worked on Wall Street for a year in New York City before quitting to volunteer in Argentina for a year.  This article was written when I was living there, before I was married when my maiden name was Julie Barro. As it turned out, I ended up returning to the Wall Streetread more