Client Success
Client Success


We have guided thousands of women through our proprietary system. Here's what they have to say:


This program has given me my confidence back.

I am excited about my life again and all the possibilities I can see in front of me.

- Summa Aholo, Field Verification Manager

This program has been enlightening, empowering, and affirming of both me and my life!

When I joined this program, I was feeling so resentful, bitter and missing out on how much joy and meaning can come from everyday moments. I was jaded and disillusioned and didn’t know what to do about it. I was pretending everything was fine and pushing away the feeling of wanting more because I didn’t believe I deserved it.

This program has helped me commit to connecting with myself. I was able to dig deep and understand the patterns in my life, to get clear on my priorities and desires, to not only identify but also take many action steps toward living a more meaningful life, and to feel more confident and kind toward myself.

Instead of second guessing every last detail about my life and what is next, it has instilled me with confidence and security that, even if my path is winding, it will never end in failure.

Instead of asking everyone and their mother what I should do, I have learned to develop and listen to my own voice.

Instead of identifying priorities based on what society and others think or what I “should” do, I have learned to trust my feelings and set my own intentions. I feel stronger, and I am not wasting as much time and energy on minute things.

I am more open to receiving love from my significant other and friends while also knowing that I am the expert and authority of my own life.

What I loved most about the program were the group calls and all of the accountability and support! It made me prioritize myself and devote time to consciously changing my life. The personal connection (private messages from my coach, access to the support desk, group calls with women at different stages in life and the program practicing similar things) made me feel supported and not alone.

- Tori Foster, Pediatric Psychologist

When I found this program, I had already tried a lot of things: meditation, yoga, therapy. I had been waking up with a sense of dread and lurking dissatisfaction in my life. I was striving and searching for something but I didn’t know what. I was anxious and living in a state of constant stress.

Then I started doing the work in this program. The content and exercises were spot on for what I needed - and I could get support when needed and learn from others.

I now have specific strategies for eliminating anxiety and overwhelm and reconnecting with trust in myself. I am more confident and clear! I am waking up excited to write my book every morning! And I learned how to hold clear boundaries at work to make space for a rich, fulfilling life, consistently doing new things that light me up and make my heart sing.

I have a sense of gratitude for life and a discipline I've always desired but never been able to maintain for myself.

Thank you!

- Molly Ware, Professor

When I joined this program, I had no boundaries and didn’t say ‘no’ or ask for help. I was suffering from persistent anxiety around work which also resulted in insomnia and panicky thoughts. I never had enough time to do everything that had to be done and I was resentful that my work bled over into my personal time with my kids.

In 12 weeks, after learning everything I’ve learned in this program, I now say no all the time, and delegate every opportunity I get! Work is so much less stressful now. I keep asking for help -- not to farm out my work so I don't have to do any -- but so I can focus on the BIG ROCKS that I learned in the program that move the needle for my clients at work and for my own personal career success. At home, I am able to de-escalate power struggles with my pre-schooler and our disagreements are nowhere near as charged as they used to be!

I’ve also finally stopped hiding my true self. I somehow was under the impression that I couldn't be my true, goofy, silly, fun-loving self in a workplace that dealt with "serious" topics. As I have let my own individual personality shine through, not only has it NOT negatively impacted my work reputation, it's improved my relationships with my colleagues and business associates.

This program has been empowering, clarifying and so eye-opening!

- Chase Leist, Commercial Insurance Broker

The impact of this program has been life-changing and transformational. I’ve delegated by 200% more than the previous year, presented to my first large conference, moved into a new home and am finally clear on my boundaries and my goals!

- Rebecca Sanchez, Founder, Consulting

What has changed most for me in this program is that I am so confident in my femininity and my power. When I started this program, I was suffocating, drowning and didn’t know which way to go. I was burnt out, stressed and at the end of my rope.

I am now so much more open-hearted, loving, kind, warm, strong and feminine. I am currently debating a couple of new job offers that I received while in the program and I’m exploring what I really want.

The best compliment I got at the very end of the program was from an old friend who I haven’t seen in three years who looked at me and said “You’re different. You are so you but more.”

- Kelly Korreck, Astrophysicist

I've been through other programs before, but this one is going to be the one that sticks. The whole thing was enlightening, releasing, fun, supportive and so important in my life. I find myself falling back on some of the main lessons and I’m no longer afraid of my future.

When I joined this program, I was a total resume builder who didn't know when to say when. I was burning out every 3 or 4 years and was exhausted.

I now see that life doesn't have to be a struggle and can be lighter and more simple. It's not just something I've intellectualized...but something I've adopted and I’m excited to teach more people this too!

I'm doing everything I promised myself I would so far and continue to check off the important tasks to set up a simpler life that I design, rather than what society has defined as success.

- Jillian Jordan, Director of Marketing, Higher Education

Thank you for offering this life-changing experience! I have been able to work through so many things and become more in touch with my true self than I have in over a decade.

The anxiety I was feeling at work before joining this program had my heart literally skip beats. I even saw a cardiologist about it because I thought there was something physically wrong with my heart. It turned out it was all anxiety and throughout the process of this program, I released a lot of that anxiety. It's not something I even considered as being "fixable" without a psychologist or something, yet here I am! Able to be back in the game closer to how I was only a few years ago.

So I want to say thank you for everything. You and your program have literally changed my life.

I have learned to trust people in a way I haven't been able to for over a decade. I have learned how to set boundaries. I have learned and been successfully practicing a better work-life balance. I have learned to be more at ease with my current path in life.

I have found a happiness I have not felt for a very long time. I have learned and been using some really cool tools that will help me for the rest of my life.

I am more confident in my role at work. I feel more feminine and have learned to be comfortable with my feminine energy. I feel my intuition becoming more active.

I am able to be happy and express it in ways I haven't been able to in over a decade! I am full of confidence and I am smiling way more than I have in the past!

- Erin Edwards, Risk Manager, Government Sector

I used to work 60-70 hours per week and I was on the path to burnout.

Because of everything I learned in this program, I cut back to 40 hours per week and have actually gotten more praise and recognition at work because I’m no longer so stressed out! I feel better and more energized and I don't feel like I have to burn it all down and run away.

Halfway through the program, I even got pregnant (which is something I wanted when I joined) and I truly believe that if I’d continued to stress and try to control things like I was doing before the program, I wouldn't have gotten pregnant so quickly. I had to relax and just let it happen. This program taught me how to do that.

I loved the Big Rocks exercise because it helped me get clear on my priorities, which not only helped with my personal life but it helped at work as well. Using this, I could focus on what is actually most important and know if some of the small rocks (to my boss and co-workers) didn't get done that it wasn't the end of the world. Some things can and should wait until tomorrow. This allowed me to set boundaries and make sure the most important things still got done.

I also learned to stop comparing myself to others.

Because of this program, I am ready to become a mom and be a powerful, balanced woman who can handle the stresses of work, motherhood and everyday life with grace and thankfulness. [And I'm ready to teach my daughter how to find joy and balance in life so hopefully, she won't have to wait as long as I did to get there.]

- Lauren Barry, Marketing Strategist

Healing, Empowering, Eye Opening.

There are so many positive impacts of having gone through this program! I am not working late every night anymore. My relationship with my husband has improved. I can set boundaries with my clients, friends & family and say no! I have gone out of town 3 times in the past 6 months (It's been years since I've done that). I was able to let an employee/friend go without feeling horrible about it. I am not making decisions based on fear. I have a lot more confidence in myself and finally believe I am worthy and loveable. I am able to view other people's actions & reactions as their own and not a reflection of me. I was recently even able to receive some “negative” feedback about me and I didn’t dwell on it for days as I would have in the past.

I have grown in amazing ways. I have gone from being an angry, bitter, burnt out workaholic with no boundaries to now being more joyful and ready to do amazing things and live a bigger life.

I know I can create whatever I want for my life!

- Angela Casper, Owner, Tax & Accounting Practice

I have learned that it’s scary to let go of things that you know: being busy all the time, feeling like you are the only one working your ass off all the time, not asking for help since you can do it better yourself anyway. But, when you can move through those myths and non-truths, you can do so much more!

I realized that I don’t have to do it all, be right all the time, have all the answers and keep it all together. It’s okay to cry, it's okay to fail and it's okay to ask for help.

Boundaries are the door to a better work-life balance. Enforcing and maintaining them is the key to walking through that door.

Just because we CAN do something doesn’t mean we SHOULD do something. It's okay to say no; you are not a failure to say no.

I do not have to always be available … to anyone.

I am in control of my life. I can choose to make necessary changes and see the positive results, or I can choose to sit in my misery. I have to be the one to take action and not rely on others to take action. They have their own universe and I can’t control what they do.

- Lisa Scalf, Attorney, Private Practice

This program is a necessity for inner peace and mental health! It was so transformative!

When I joined this program, I was stuck and always in a fog. I was unclear on how I should handle things at work, but also feeling unsure in my personal life. I was very indecisive and felt ignored and dismissed. I felt like I couldn't do anything right and had the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Fast-forward 12 weeks and I have been able to let go of anger and negativity, which has helped me approach challenges and difficult personalities more positively. It has helped my relationships all around. I feel so much more self-aware of my thoughts and behavior leaving very little room to not be accountable and in control of my own life.

I am now a positive person. I lift others up, am clear on my boundaries and assertive in ensuring they aren't crossed. Today I know how to take care of myself with love.

- Britta Gidican, Head of Corporate Communications

Julie's program has helped me reclaim my power in life, at work, and in my relationships. I have learned how to be the co-creator of my life.  At work, I learned how to respond to being triggered by first doing a self-inventory of my feelings. I have a renewed understanding of my purpose, and that it is NOT necessarily connected to my job.

I also now understand the importance of boundaries and self-care in all aspects of my life, but especially at the intersection of my professional and private life. I feel confident in my self-awareness and with all of the tools and teachings I've received in this program.

Before joining this program, I was overworked and exhausted and ready to walk out of my job. I was in a place of deprivation and longing, and felt powerless with no real idea how to change my life.

The woman I am now is hopeful, calm, confident, more self-aware, and more compassionate, especially towards myself.

This program has been priceless!

- Erin Gill, Research Administrator, Higher Education

This program has completely transformed my life. When I joined, I was feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, angry, depleted, and just sad. I could sense there was a better way to live, like there was more, but I didn’t know how to get it. I had everything I wanted on the outside, but I was working all the time and wasn’t being the type of mom or wife or woman I wanted to be. Since I’m the primary breadwinner, I felt stuck and didn’t know what to do.

I took everything I learned in this program and my life is totally different. I’ve gained so much confidence in who I am and what I have to offer that I found a new job and cut my commute time down by hours! I’m spending more time with my daughters playing and having fun again! My marriage has improved. And I feel so much gratitude and excitement for life again.

- Megan Kearney, HR Business Partner, Insurance Industry

Working with Julie has done more to open my heart and soul for healing than any other program or person has been able to. This program really helped me break through some pretty sturdy walls that have been holding me back for years.

- Heather Cowap, Biology Teacher

I am sitting here crying with gratitude. This program was such a valuable investment in myself, and I could be in therapy for years and not accomplish what I did in our short time together. I am so at peace, not 100% of the time of course, but most of the time and when I'm not I can bring myself back. I've been told multiple times I have this new, zen-like vibe which makes me laugh because no one would have ever said that to me before this program - I was wound so tight and intense.

I got my dream job, have connected deeply with myself, improved my relationships with my grown children, and am no longer am running around with an endless to-do list! I am finally living my best life.

I have experienced significant physical improvements in back pain, headaches, stomach problems. I drink far less wine than I used to! I can enjoy quiet and peace and space and just relax in that, rather than trying to hide in busy-ness and lists and running 100 miles per hour all of the time. All of these things have so improved my personal and professional life. My friends and family all say I am different.

I now feel alive, happy and blessed!

- Trish Garringer, Controller, Pet Health and Wellness

This program was completely transformational and worth every cent and then some! Even during the program, I couldn’t imagine how much I would end up changing by the end. My stress levels have decreased significantly which has led to way more positive interactions with my kids and husband. I came to you feeling stressed, tired and lost. I am leaving feeling strong, self-aware, peaceful, and happy.

- Jennifer Mulch, Controller, Non-Profit Sector

I would do this program 1000 times over - best money I have ever spent!!!

When I started, I was miserable! I had to pray just to get out of bed every morning. I woke with a pit of anxiety that would last for hours. I couldn’t wait to go to bed at night to escape. I had little to no energy. I was numbing with food & binging TV shows. I was fairly certain my stress level would end up with a heart attack in 3-5 years. I had pushed my “real self” so far down & scrubbed off any rough edges to conform - now I’m remembering who I am.

I am much more calm, centered, present, confident & engaged in my life.

I have learned to delegate, to ask for and receive support, to make self-care non-negotiable, to be present and have deeper conversations, to stop listening to the self-doubt, to reclaim my power, to respond rather than react, to stop living in fear, to get off the sidelines and start having more fun and living my life!

I’m able to navigate stressful situations without overreacting. I wake each day with joy & purpose. I was on the verge of quitting my job, now I’m much more content. I’m back to doing things I love & enjoy that had dropped out of my life for years. I now look forward to each new day!

- Amy Burnett, Vice President, Insurance Industry

Before joining this program, I felt like I was just surviving life and not living it. The woman I used to be was unbalanced, impatient, exhausted, and quick to frustration. I was working until midnight every night, spending only an hour or two with my family and sacrificing my sleep trying to do it all.

Through my work with Julie in the program, I landed a new job working half the hours I was before and making more money in a company that prioritizes work/life balance!

I am more present with my kids and my husband and I are reconnected. I feel more balanced, peaceful and happy.

The woman I am now is more attuned to myself, more spiritual and more aware in each moment.

- Nicole Burns, Senior Finance Manager, Healthcare Industry

When I joined the program, I was ready to burn it all down and run away. I was angry, frustrated, bitter and unhappy (even though I always had a smile on my face at work).

I had nowhere to go to express how stressed out and hopeless I was feeling. I never made time for my family and my husband and I were essentially roommates. I couldn't see anything positive about any aspect of my life. I was working 12-14 hour days, including most weekends. I had no time for anything other than work and no matter what I did, it was never enough.

Going through Julie’s work has completely changed my life. It put me on a path of healing and helped me focus on what is most important - myself, my family and my real purpose in this life.

I’ve slowed down. I’m finding more voice. I’m confident. I truly believe now that I am enough and if I never accomplish another thing in my life, it is enough. I feel strong enough to face even the most daunting challenges in front of me. I am learning to lean in and trust that I have the support and help from others, instead of trying to figure it all out by myself. I am working through a change in my career now that I’m clear I’m in the right industry, just not in the right workplace.

My family has noticed that I am more calm and happy and not working nearly as hard as I was a few months ago. I am more aware of how I spend my time and making space for myself. I feel calmer. I feel happier.

I have learned that there are so many women who are going through the same thing as me. It's heart-breaking and wonderful to meet so many strong women who are struggling like me. I have seen amazing transformations of a few incredible women and have seen how this program really works. It helps you break down the resistance to change.

The energy and positivity in this program made it magnetic for me and made me want to show up every week.

- Katherine Barks, EVP, Strategy & Advertising

When I started this journey, I was lost and lonely and stuck in my patterns. By the end, I felt strong and compassionate with much more self-awareness. The greatest shifts for me were internal. I am now able to recognize myself for who I am - smart, worthy and loved. I have come to realize that it is okay for me to ask for help and I now find it is easier for me to seek help and not feel inadequate for asking. I also recognize the need to accept help even when offered. I really have come to terms that I am worthy! I am smart. I am important and all of my dreams are possible!

- Faith Ross, Senior Vice President, Logistics

When I started working with Julie, I was exhausted and looking for meaning out of life. I kept thinking that there’s got to be more to life than this! I was afraid I was going to have to change my career path just so I could make life work for me. I was even considered getting my MBA - but this course taught me much more than that! It's turned my life around!

Just a few months ago, all I wanted was balance. As a working mother of two toddlers, that felt totally elusive. But I have to say, I am blown away by the results!

I am more present with my kids and everyone around me. I have learned to let go of things not in my control and to go with the flow. I am much more self-aware. I finally know my true self and it has helped me improve my relationships with my husband, son, parents, sisters and friends! I even started exercising and taking care of my health again. I am more confident and brave in job interviews! I’m genuinely happy with everything I have! I understand there’s more to life than how I was living it before!! Thank you for showing me the way to live fully & freely! I’m forever grateful for this experience!

- Janice Hutalla, Executive Assistant

Wow! This work has been enlightening and so insightful! When I found Julie, I was exhausted, closed off, and doubting myself. I was constantly seeking validation and working as hard as possible because part of me believed I was less capable than my peers. As a professor and PhD, my rational mind often took over but by the end of the program, I feel a deep sense of peace trusting my intuition. I am more in control of my thoughts and have a much better understanding of people. Somehow, I found myself again and feel rejuvenated!

The course materials were very well packaged in highly relatable & clever concepts. I very much appreciated the focus on empowering the feminine! The feminine leadership lecture with the 8 attributes is really excellent! That is something I'll continue to think about and re-listen to overtime.

- Lynn, Professor

I've been a very successful attorney for over 20 years, but when I joined this program I was at a crossroads in my career and my personal life.  I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t believe in myself enough to go after it. Over the course of this program, I have gained the clarity and courage within myself to finally (FINALLY) chase my dreams, to live the life I want to live instead of living the life others expect of me.

- Amy Stefonick, Senior Corporate Counsel, Asset Management

My name is Shafaq.  I studied at UCLA and Harvard  and currently do work in Urban Planning, but my real passion is helping other women of color rise in leadership positions.  When I started working with Julie, I was a woman who was afraid of my own power and voice. I was secretly fearful that I wasn't measuring up to the expectations in my work and my personal life. On the outside it looked like I was super successful, but on the inside I was struggling with low self-worth and insecurity and doubt. I couldn't remember who I truly was and my mind was filled with limiting thoughts that were holding me back from living a beautiful life.

Having graduated from the program, I feel at peace within myself and have such a deep resolve no matter what is going on around me. This program was the best possible proactive action I could have taken for myself this year.

The woman I am now is moving through life from a place of LOVE. I am more confident, more self-expressed and more powerful. All my relationships have been positively impacted by this work. I have learned what it means to set boundaries and I am crystal clear on what I'm here to give to the world. I am no longer afraid to use my voice. This program gave me my FIREY SPIRIT BACK! I feel more clarity, self-love, confidence, and overall drive for life.


- Shafaq Choudry, Director, Urban Planning & Social Impact

When I joined this program, I felt small, terrified, trapped in a deep dark pit of despair, depression and anxiety. I had no joy in my life, and was so afraid that I would continue to affect my husband and 2 year son negatively. I was angry at everything, most of all myself. 

I am so amazed by what happened these past 12 weeks. This program has been miraculous and transformative. I have found who I am. I am so much more playful with my family. I have found peace. I am able to live my WHY for myself, and can now start living it for others. I am open, loving, patient, compassionate, whole, at peace, accepting, excited, and hopeful.

Even my husband notices. Last night, as we were falling asleep, he said, "I'm really happy for you, and for us. You are a changed person, and someone I want to be around all the time. I'm glad you did this for yourself" 

I am forever grateful. 

- Stasha Garcia, Veterinarian

This program has been life-saving, metamorphic and I am thunderstruck by the results.

I found my voice and broke free from the shackles of self-limitation which catapulted me out of the darkest depression and burnout I have ever experienced in my life. I earned respect from myself and friends and found love in my work again by not being a pushover, but instead, speaking up, voicing my needs, and unapologetically taking time for myself.

Not only did I fall in love with my corporate job again, but I got a promotion and even started a passion project - founding Outdoor Restoration Theory, a community that provides a space to recover and restore oneself in nature. 

I found freedom and gave myself permission to share my wild heart in any setting, personal and professional. I am empowered. I am free.

When I joined this program, I was in the worst depression of my life. I was in and out of the hospital for unknown physical reasons. I was burnt out and ready to quit my job and leave everything behind. I wanted to walk away from it all and go live in a travel van and tour the country alone with my dog. I would have been just as miserable. I was TOTALLY lost. 

The woman I am now is fiercely unstoppable with a passion to walk the path of personal growth through adventure. My soul is on fire and, because of that, I inspire by leading others towards the light, even when they are in a dark place.

The woman I am now is in tune with my body. The woman I am now is confident in herself. I take care of myself. I'm gentle, feminine, loving, and patient with others. The woman I am now reminds others to have fun in life. I accept and share my wild heart in all environments.

I know what I want.


- Charlotte Buell, Attorney and Senior Compliance Analyst

I’m Maggie and I’m a former Recruiter and current Communications Consultant.  After completing the 12-week program with Julie , I feel more “me” than ever before. My intuition is louder than ever and I know exactly where I want to take my career next. This program is for women looking to go further than they have gotten doing it on their own.  Julie will hold you accountable and open you up to who you already are while giving you the tangible skills and space to unveil your truest self. It’s incredible.

- Maggie Saunders, Freelancer

I’m Darcie and I’m the former brand manager for Mario Batali. Before working with Julie, I had just turned 50 and was feeling lost. I had a decent career and life but just had no idea what I wanted next out of the second half of my life and I was so scared to think that the next 50 years would be just a repetition of what I had been doing. Enter Julie. Our weekly group coaching calls were like 10 years of therapy in just 1 hour!  

My life has shifted from heaviness and worry to flow and optimism. I am more at peace in every area of my life: Work opportunities are blossoming and I have better relationships with my family and friends. I am so excited for what’s to come: less work, more money, and more space for me to relax, enjoy nature and be present with the people I love.

- Darcie Purcell, Independent Professional & Brand Curator

Before working with Julie, I was feeling insecure, unworthy, stuck, fearful of everything, unhappy, confused, and just going through the motions of my day. I had high anxiety, compared myself to others, and constantly felt like I would never feel better.

Within 3 short months of our work together, I am so much more positive. I feel calm when I get up each morning. I have felt joy almost every day for weeks now. I am secure, strong, happy and a much more loving wife and present mom.  

I haven’t yelled at my children in months. Our house is so darn peaceful. At dinner tonight as my kids talked and shared about their day, my heart could have burst open right there.  We’re having so much more fun together - laughing and talking. I’m cooking healthy food, not relying on sugar anymore, and exercising at least 4 days a week.

My husband and I have always been close, but he’s so much more relaxed because he doesn't have to worry about me as much anymore!

At work, I have created an amazing work space that I love going to and I feel so much more inspired with my patients. My burnout has decreased significantly and I love myself and trust myself more than ever.

- Nicole Hawley, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and Functional Medicine

This program was enlightening, introspective and so supportive. Before joining, I was always hyper focused on my career and next job move because that's where I’d always been so successful. But I was ignoring the part of my life that I most desperately wanted - a relationship.

As a partner in a big law firm, I've always considered myself pretty self-aware, but I've learned more about myself in the last 12 weeks with Julie than I have in the last 15 years of therapy.  This program has helped me learn about my patterns of being terrible with boundaries and of having difficulty letting go of things. I've also always considered myself pretty able to speak up for myself, but this program has helped me do so in a way that makes me feel confident in what I'm saying - the idea of being assertive and not aggressive rings very true for me.

It was so wonderful to experience this journey with such a diverse group of women because some of our "problems" were the same and I learned so much from listening to Julie coach others.

What made this program so wonderful was the combination of the advanced materials opening up my eyes to new things and Julie's availability and responsiveness when I had questions about what was happening in my life or what I was feeling. I felt 100% supported the entire time as I walked through this journey.


Listen to my interview with Teresa here.

- Teresa, Senior Manager of Attorney Development and Coaching
Before joining this program, the woman I used to be was really unsure of herself and her path, anxious, irritated, would burn out easily, used food to numb herself and her feelings, would react to people and partner, and was stuck in a sabotaging cycle.

The woman I am now is confident in her path, trusts her journey and the Universe to guide her way, is courageous, resilient, forgiving, loving, compassionate towards herself and others, is able to let go, is present, grateful, puts herself first, is healing past wounds, and loves herself unconditionally. I have more confidence. I am less controlling and I have less stress on finding my life purpose/career.

This program was so successful to me because of the accountability. Doing the work and having immediate feedback from Julie made me feel supported and heard and I loved learning from all the other women on the group calls!

I'm so honored to be a part of this amazing program. It's been an intense, confronting, insightful, joyful, liberating, heartfelt 12 weeks and I am so proud of myself for completing your program. Thank you for helping me and other women rediscover our truth!!

- Courtney Ryu, Behavioral Therapist, Education

I’m Katie and I’m a mother, wife, and quickly rising up the ranks as one of the youngest managers in my organization. Working with ith Julie will change your life.  If you’re ready for transformation, this is the course to sign up for. You will feel supported and ready to break down barriers and walls that you wouldn’t have been able to break down on your own.

- Katie P

When I joined Julie’s program, I was feeling so much fear and like my professional and personal life was spinning out of my control.  These 12 weeks were like a homecoming. I am so grateful that I took the leap and trusted my gut to join this program. The rewards thus far are beyond measure.

I have more confidence, less fear, and more acceptance. I have deeper connections to others and I am learning day by day to let go and trust life. The future is wide open for me. If you want to return to your authentic self and be in your own power; and if you want to truly feel that life can be beautiful again, work with Julie!

- Kim, Fine Art Gallery Director

My name is Rebeka and I work in finance. When I started the 12-week program with Julie I was on the verge of walking away from my high-paying finance job. As the breadwinner in our family, that wasn’t really feasible and I was feeling stuck, hopeless and burnt out. This program helped change my perspective by making me prioritize things in my life and develop a plan to take action. Julie helped me find a way to balance my personal and work life when I thought it was impossible! I now realize that I have a choice and have a way to change paths if I so choose.

Since going through the program, everyone in my life has noticed the difference, especially my husband, and it’s been so uplifting. Thank you! This program has made such a huge difference in my life!

- Rebekah

I’m Shanon and I’m a former music industry exec now living on the beach working with women!  This program blew my mind!  This program should be mandatory for all humans, starting in school. It really has changed my life and I’m so grateful. For the first time, I feel clear, happy, peaceful and loved daily.

I've done a lot of work in the past but nothing like this program! It is worth so much more than the investment! I cannot explain exactly what happens during the 12-week program in detail, but this is a life-changing program and the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. Every goal I set out to accomplish during this program, I have reached! If you’re really ready to make the shift in your life, this is the program to commit to.

- Shanon Chaiken, Wellness Therapist
When I joined this program, I was feeling frustrated and stressed out about leaving my current job, and unclear about what direction I wanted to pursue. I now have so much clarity and confidence in who I am and in the decision I need to make. I’m not so anxious all the time. I feel more confident in myself. I've really gained a sense of clarity of my own power. I also loved the process of finding my purpose - with simple lists and then putting them all together. It takes different aspects of ourselves and ties them together in one purpose, which creates that unifying clarity and vision. The step by step action plan is awesome! I love the simplicity of such a daunting task. it's doable and changeable, and NOT overwhelming.
- Stacy Feliciano, Office Manager, Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

My name is Abby and I run a non-profit aimed at revolutionizing education. When I joined the program, I was insecure, afraid, tense, and over-functioning. Now, I am a woman who is empowered, strong, comfortable in her own skin, and more free.

I feel as though I more deeply understand the power from within, this feminine-informed paradigm of power. I am redefining my relationship to money, power, gender- really, how I see the world.

- Abby Lehman, Director of Development, Non-Profit Organization
I've been a very successful attorney for over 20 years, but when I joined this program I was at a crossroads in my career and my personal life.  I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t believe in myself enough to go after it. Over the course of this program, I have gained  the clarity and courage within myself to finally (FINALLY) chase my dreams, to live the life I want to live instead of living the life others expect of me. I speak up for myself 
- Amy S.

My name is Cheryl and I’m a Senior Sales Rep.  Working with Julie in her 12-week program was life-altering and eye-opening!  My friends tell me I’ve never looked happier. I had been stuck for so long and now it feels like my life is finally my own again! If you’re thinking about joining, 100% do it! I believe every woman should do this program - that’s how good it is!

- Cheryl Banko, Publishing Sales

The woman I was when I started working with Julie was: scared, foggy, numb, average, trusted everyone but myself, lived behind the curtain, ran away and felt weak.

The woman I am today: has lots of courage, is empowered, clear, feels her feelings, moves towards being the best version of herself, knows the truth, lives in authenticity, faces hard things, and is stronger than anyone else I know.

- Carolina
I joined this program because I wanted to feel peace inside as well as purpose - and I got it!  I have clarity on how I am here to bring beauty into the world as well as a path to living a more meaningful life. This program was powerful and exactly what I needed at the right time.
- Jeannie Tang, Fashion Merchandiser, Product Strategy & Testing
Working with Julie has been transformative and heart-opening. I always tell people that Julie is my secret weapon. As an independent woman and leader in my profession, I've always felt like I needed to figure everything out on my own. So life, work and relationships felt hard and lonely. But I feel like I have "met" myself again through working with Julie. I loved the entire experience, even (especially) the messy, hard, emotional parts, because I have seen such great results. The work is part of the journey and it's beyond worth the time, money and energy to have life-changing results and deep support along the way.
Since working with Julie, I have created more space for myself, have more energy, better self care practices, a greater sense of awareness and freedom. I am now in a deeply fulfilling romantic relationship that has blossomed in our time working together. I felt safe with Julie and always knew I was in completely loving hands.  Working with Julie has changed my life.  It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.
- Kate S
"Before working with Julie, my brain wouldn't stop and the self-judgement was constant. Julie's powerful teachings allowed me to tap into the tools I have and trust my intuition. I feel capable of taking control of my life now, saying no and putting myself and my desires first. I have freed myself of the incessant self-sabotage game and embraced who I am because of the work I did with Julie."
- Erin Williams
“Thank you Julie. You truly are a god send to me and I'm so so grateful that our lives collided. It’s because of your guidance that I'm free. It's been a long, long time since I've been free. It feels amazing!!”
- Janine Higgins
“Julie creates spaces and circles that are life-changing. She helps people to start walking, to take those steps forward and then lets go and offers support and encouragement. I have so many new friendships that came from a spark that she started.”
- Sophia Kramhoft
"I was in therapy through my 20s and most of my 30s - for years and years - and I don't think anyone has ever come close to unlocking and uncovering what Julie has in the past 3 months.  It's mind-blowing. I have no interest in working with anyone else, whatsoever. It's been unbelievable working with her. Julie is so gifted - an unbelievable combo of nurturing and being a hard-ass when she needs to be.  She truly has a gift. It's been crazy how good this has been for me."
- E.G.
"Thank you for touching my soul with your genius. I love you. I'm so on fire."
- Kimberly
"Thank you, Universe.  Thank you, Julie. This is what I needed. I didn't even know what I needed, but this was it! I feel like I can just allow myself to be and give myself permission to enjoy my life.  I have such a deep trust right now. Thank you."
- Marie Friedman
“Working with Julie is nothing short of magic. Everyone needs to have a little Julie in their lives! She will find your sparkle. The negative self talk is now gone. I started to exercise. I got a job. I am even nicer to my husband. I don't know what is going on. I don't feel different. I just AM different. It's hard to explain.”
- J. T.
“Julie Santiago is all light and love and a fierce warrior. If you are looking for quantum transformation, work with Julie!”
- Tricia Hammer Husley
“In the past I have invested thousands of dollars for months and months of coaching, and have never received the clarity I needed. In less than a month working with Julie, I have gotten the answers to what I was looking for and gotten clear feedback on what I needed to do. Because I had invested in programs similar to Julie’s before and was still stuck, I had doubts whether her program would work, but I’m so glad I pushed those doubts aside and gave it a try! There were lots of “ah-ha” moments, lots of relief and happiness, and that void I had felt with other programs was finally filled. Julie works her magic in a gentle, loving way breaking down barriers to get to who you are on the inside. She gets you out of your head and into your heart. All in all, Julie is awesome! I recommend her to anyone I know who is working through a transition point or is stuck on what to do next.”
- Natalie Melchiorre
“When I started working with Julie, I felt frantic and uncomfortable. It was like the real me was buried and I’d been living in a shell of myself. I couldn’t live feeling that way anymore. After our work together, I feel more connected to the thread of who I am inside. I have a place to go within myself . If I feel off, I now have things to do to reconnect and get back to me. I was floundering before and I now I feel so strong.”
- Veronica Bala
“My experience working with Julie has been incredible. I’ve been comfortable standing hidden in the shadows watching what’s happening on the other side. But because of the work I’ve been doing with Julie and her support, I’m ready to walk through the door. I’m ready to participate instead of just watching. Julie will have to fire me as a client for us to stop working together. If you are ready to move to the next step in your business, and you’re thinking about working with Julie – my advice is JUST DO IT!”
- Julie Fischer
“Julie is a master at helping women pinpoint their greatest gifts, identify what energizes them & what they are most passionate about. Working with Julie, you can feel her excitement, as her passion for doing this jumps through the phone & engulfs you. She ignited my fire – increasing my confidence, drive, and momentum!! This has been an experience I would quantify as priceless. I’m not sure where my life would be had I not consulted with her. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!”
- Laura Madden
“What I like most about Julie’s approach is that she comes from a place of big love. I knew that from the moment we met. I felt super comfortable with her. Julie has the ability to see who I am on a soul level and then articulate it into something that can help me in my business and overall life. She is part intuitive part BFF. It’s a true gift to be seen and heard. Love her to bits!”
- Marla Trevino
“Julie hears me. She understands what I am saying. She understands what I need, yet she never passes judgment. I have learned to value myself, to love myself, and to be more accepting of myself.”
- Julie R.
“Before working with Julie Santiago, I was stuck and discouraged. Since starting coaching with Julie, I have made more progress in the past few weeks than I ever did before in the past two YEARS. Julie has supported me, stretched me, believed in me (more than I believed in myself!) and has the miraculous ability to offer exactly what I need at exactly the right time. She is clearly in the right profession – and thanks to her, I finally know that so am I.”
- Emily Wade Adams
“Breakthrough every time! Thank you so much - I learn so much from you on many levels- those that catapult me forward in my own life, and the way you model such powerful strategies, groundedness and love that I can then share with my own clients. THANK YOU.”
- Robin Arutt

 “I came to Julie with lots of questions and fears about how and where to get started and was just in a state of overwhelm which was keeping me stuck from doing anything. Julie was great in asking me questions and really listening to pull from what I was saying and, in turn, really helping me to see where my strengths are. It was so powerful! An enormous sense of relief came over me and ideas, excitement and creative energy seemed to come flooding forward out of nowhere! She tapped into a part of me that was blocked and she was able to help me access it in a way that I wasn’t able to see for myself. Thank you Julie for your amazing gift! I feel so empowered and I’m able to move forward! Priceless!”

- Suzanne

Julie’s feminine support coupled with her masculine practicality are a slam dunk in the coaching world. I call Julie when I need someone to see me for me, and I can always count on her to shower me with love and honesty. She has an ability to connect and inspire from a truly authentic place. Julie has a way of encouraging me to trust my inner voice.

I am always blown away by her willingness to do her own work, as she would never ask anyone to go somewhere she is unwilling to go herself. Julie helps inspire me and give me hope that anything is possible. Her love, friendship, support, and guidance are a gift to all who encounter her, as she gives of herself generously and fully.

If you want to be seen, held, and guided on your journey of life, work with Julie.”

- Laura Jack


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