How to see the light in others (even when you’re mad!)

I’ve got a new voice “blog” for you today that I recorded last night after learning of Wayne Dyer’s passing.  For those of you who may not know of Wayne Dyer, he revolutionzed the self-help world through his books, interviews and inspirational talks.

I record all of my voice blogs for you without planning and when the moment strikes, so you can hear the crickets in the background as I discuss my favorite Wayne quote and how to apply it to your life.   

Take a quick listen by clicking the track below.

 As always, here is the transcription for you to read as well in case you prefer that…

When I heard the news of Wayne Dyer’s passing, I began to read quotes and lectures and different things that he shared with the world. I came across a quote that felt so perfect for me in this moment, and I want to share it with you.

“See the light in others & treat them as if that’s all you see.”

It’s so easy for us to focus on what’s not working, to focus on where someone isn’t giving us what we want, or where someone’s “bad” or “wrong” or “imperfect.” 

We tend to look at the flaws through these tainted eyes. 

What this quote just reminds me of is simply to choose to look through the eyes of love, no matter what’s happening in front of you or how much you want to focus on what’s wrong. 

Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, can you choose to focus on one thing that’s right?

Can you see what is happening in front of you – the person, the situation, the thing, the people – through their eyes? 

Can you give gratitude for who and what they are, not for what they’re not? 


The challenge of this lifetime is to be in such a deep relationship with OURSELVES that we can look at everyone we come in contact in with love.

Usually, one of the first signs that I am not taking care of myself is when I start focusing on what’s wrong with other people. 

If you find yourself not being able to focus on the light in someone else, remember this quote. 

I invite you to take care of yourself enough, to fill yourself up enough, to love yourself enough, to heal yourself that when you look through your eyes, you can only see love.

When you begin to give yourself the love you’re looking for, you don’t need people to be someting they’re not beacuse you’re okay as you are.

Choose to see the light in others, and let that be the only thing you see. 

Whoever is in front of you today, choose to list off gratitudes rather than complaints, and see how your day goes. 

That’s what I’ll be doing. 

Tell me below…..How can you choose to see the light in someone else today?


Much love.


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  1. Love this.

  2. Yes, no problem with the computer. We can only take care of ourselves and we can’t change other people no matter how much we would like to do. The best thing as Julie stated is to focus on what’s right and gratitudes for ourselves. I am doing mind body therapy now to connect to my body more. One of my specialists suggested that I focus on the parts of my body that are not in pain. I am trying and my jaw is getting better all the time. I just need patience as it is a process.

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