Julie's 8-week course will change your life. You will feel supported and ready to break down barriers and walls that you wouldn’t have been able to break down on your own. 
- -Katie P
"I feel strong, joy-filled and excited. I feel more me than I ever have before. My intuition is louder than ever! I know where I want to take my career next. I feel I have a community of women holding me up — even though we never met in person. My relationship w/ my partner is so much more honest. I have a great example of how investing a lot in time, effort AND money can produce incredible results."  -Maggie
- Maggie Saunders
Julie's work should be work mandatory for all humans, starting in school. Her 8-week program really has changed my life and I’m so grateful. For the first time in my life, even with unknown pieces, I feel clear, happy, peaceful and loved daily. This is the best money I have ever invested in myself. This is worth so much more than the investment! I've done a lot of work in the past but nothing like this program and I am very grateful.
- Shanon Chaiken
Working with Julie has been transformative and heart-opening. I always tell people that Julie is my secret weapon. As an independent woman and leader in my profession, I've always felt like I needed to figure everything out on my own. So life, work and relationships felt hard and lonely. But I feel like I have "met" myself again through working with Julie. I loved the entire experience, even (especially) the messy, hard, emotional parts, because I have seen such great results. The work is part of the journey and it's beyond worth the time, money and energy to have life-changing results and deep support along the way.
Since working with Julie, I have created more space for myself, have more energy, better self care practices, a greater sense of awareness and freedom. I am now in a deeply fulfilling romantic relationship that has blossomed in our time working together. I felt safe with Julie and always knew I was in completely loving hands.  Working with Julie has changed my life.  It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.
- Kate S
"Before working with Julie, my brain wouldn't stop and the self-judgement was constant. Julie's powerful teachings allowed me to tap into the tools I have and trust my intuition. I feel capable of taking control of my life now, saying no and putting myself and my desires first. I have freed myself of the incessant self-sabotage game and embraced who I am because of the work I did with Julie."
- Erin Williams
“Thank you Julie. You truly are a god send to me and I'm so so grateful that our lives collided. It’s because of your guidance that I'm free. It's been a long, long time since I've been free. It feels amazing!!”
- Janine Higgins
“Julie creates spaces and circles that are life-changing. She helps people to start walking, to take those steps forward and then lets go and offers support and encouragement. I have so many new friendships that came from a spark that she started.”
- Sophia Kramhoft
"I was in therapy through my 20s and most of my 30s - for years and years - and I don't think anyone has ever come close to unlocking and uncovering what Julie has in the past 3 months.  It's mind-blowing. I have no interest in working with anyone else, whatsoever. It's been unbelievable working with her. Julie is so gifted - an unbelievable combo of nurturing and being a hard-ass when she needs to be.  She truly has a gift. It's been crazy how good this has been for me."
- E.G.
"Thank you for touching my soul with your genius. I love you. I'm so on fire."
- Kimberly
"Thank you, Universe.  Thank you, Julie. This is what I needed. I didn't even know what I needed, but this was it! I feel like I can just allow myself to be and give myself permission to enjoy my life.  I have such a deep trust right now. Thank you."
- Marie Friedman
“Working with Julie is nothing short of magic. Everyone needs to have a little Julie in their lives! She will find your sparkle. The negative self talk is now gone. I started to exercise. I got a job. I am even nicer to my husband. I don't know what is going on. I don't feel different. I just AM different. It's hard to explain.”
- J. T.
“Julie Santiago is all light and love and a fierce warrior. If you are looking for quantum transformation, work with Julie!”
- Tricia Hammer Husley
“In the past I have invested thousands of dollars for months and months of coaching, and have never received the clarity I needed. In less than a month working with Julie, I have gotten the answers to what I was looking for and gotten clear feedback on what I needed to do. Because I had invested in programs similar to Julie’s before and was still stuck, I had doubts whether her program would work, but I’m so glad I pushed those doubts aside and gave it a try! There were lots of “ah-ha” moments, lots of relief and happiness, and that void I had felt with other programs was finally filled. Julie works her magic in a gentle, loving way breaking down barriers to get to who you are on the inside. She gets you out of your head and into your heart. All in all, Julie is awesome! I recommend her to anyone I know who is working through a transition point or is stuck on what to do next.”
- Natalie Melchiorre
“When I started working with Julie, I felt frantic and uncomfortable. It was like the real me was buried and I’d been living in a shell of myself. I couldn’t live feeling that way anymore. After our work together, I feel more connected to the thread of who I am inside. I have a place to go within myself . If I feel off, I now have things to do to reconnect and get back to me. I was floundering before and I now I feel so strong.”
- Veronica Bala
“My experience working with Julie has been incredible. I’ve been comfortable standing hidden in the shadows watching what’s happening on the other side. But because of the work I’ve been doing with Julie and her support, I’m ready to walk through the door. I’m ready to participate instead of just watching. Julie will have to fire me as a client for us to stop working together. If you are ready to move to the next step in your business, and you’re thinking about working with Julie – my advice is JUST DO IT!”
- Julie Fischer
“Julie is a master at helping women pinpoint their greatest gifts, identify what energizes them & what they are most passionate about. Working with Julie, you can feel her excitement, as her passion for doing this jumps through the phone & engulfs you. She ignited my fire – increasing my confidence, drive, and momentum!! This has been an experience I would quantify as priceless. I’m not sure where my life would be had I not consulted with her. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!”
- Laura Madden
“What I like most about Julie’s approach is that she comes from a place of big love. I knew that from the moment we met. I felt super comfortable with her. Julie has the ability to see who I am on a soul level and then articulate it into something that can help me in my business and overall life. She is part intuitive part BFF. It’s a true gift to be seen and heard. Love her to bits!”
- Marla Trevino
“Julie hears me. She understands what I am saying. She understands what I need, yet she never passes judgment. I have learned to value myself, to love myself, and to be more accepting of myself.”
- Julie R.
“I wrote a LOVE letter in my blog to Julie Santiago. She is AMAZING!!!! For those of you who don’t think you can afford a coach, think again. You must find a way!”
- Dina Delicce Wilson
“Before working with Julie Santiago, I was stuck and discouraged. Since starting coaching with Julie, I have made more progress in the past few weeks than I ever did before in the past two YEARS. Julie has supported me, stretched me, believed in me (more than I believed in myself!) and has the miraculous ability to offer exactly what I need at exactly the right time. She is clearly in the right profession – and thanks to her, I finally know that so am I.”
- Emily Wade Adams
“Breakthrough every time! Thank you so much - I learn so much from you on many levels- those that catapult me forward in my own life, and the way you model such powerful strategies, groundedness and love that I can then share with my own clients. THANK YOU.”
- Robin Arutt

 “I came to Julie with lots of questions and fears about how and where to get started and was just in a state of overwhelm which was keeping me stuck from doing anything. Julie was great in asking me questions and really listening to pull from what I was saying and, in turn, really helping me to see where my strengths are. It was so powerful! An enormous sense of relief came over me and ideas, excitement and creative energy seemed to come flooding forward out of nowhere! She tapped into a part of me that was blocked and she was able to help me access it in a way that I wasn’t able to see for myself. Thank you Julie for your amazing gift! I feel so empowered and I’m able to move forward! Priceless!”

- Suzanne

Julie’s feminine support coupled with her masculine practicality are a slam dunk in the coaching world. I call Julie when I need someone to see me for me, and I can always count on her to shower me with love and honesty. She has an ability to connect and inspire from a truly authentic place. Julie has a way of encouraging me to trust my inner voice.

I am always blown away by her willingness to do her own work, as she would never ask anyone to go somewhere she is unwilling to go herself. Julie helps inspire me and give me hope that anything is possible. Her love, friendship, support, and guidance are a gift to all who encounter her, as she gives of herself generously and fully.

If you want to be seen, held, and guided on your journey of life, work with Julie.”

- Laura Jack


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