She whispered.

Shhhhhh, she whispered.
Now’s not the time –
to dance on the stage
or work ’til you’re blind.

There there, she smiled.
Be soft and slow down.
No more striving, my child,
or pushing around.

You’ve done that dance and
you’ve played that part.
The time has come
to open your heart.

But you must take note
and be careful to mind
that part of your fear
being left behind.

The games are over.
The candles burned out.
The darkness is coming.
Don’t fight it or shout.

Surrender, beloved.
All things come in time.
I’ve got you, don’t worry.
Let go and be mine.

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  1. Absolutely lovely, Julie. Thank you <3

  2. Kathleen Long-Halcomb says

    Beautiful Julie. Thank you.

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