Why You’re Tired During the Holidays. It’s Not What You Think!

You tired?  Depleted?  Sick?  Stressed out?  Stretched thin?

A question was brought up in the The 40 Day Gratitude Circle on why so many people were tired and feeling depleted right now. 

And, it was such a powerful and insightful question that it made me want to respond in a bigger way, because it’s a very real issue this time of year and the reason is probably not what you think. 

You see, part of what I’m here to do is share the little tools and tricks that I use to connect with myself, such as the moon and the natural cycles and rhythms of the earth.

So I was inspired to create this video to share more on this topic! You can watch it by clicking it below or if you’d prefer to read my words, keep reading!

This time of year, we are moving into a time of darkness.

Part of the way that we track the seasons – the darkness and the light –  is the through the dark Winter Solstice on December 21st. 

It’s the longest. darkest night of the year. Take it or leave it, but we as human beings are animals and we naturally track what’s happening in the sky and in the world around us. 

At this time of the year, our bodies are naturally asking us to slow down, to go within, to be slow and still and hibernate. 

But our society doesn’t really promote those changes and shifts. We live in a world where it’s kind of go, go, go and do, do, do all of the time. 

There’s this push/pull energy between the holiday bustle and what our bodies really want us to do.                                

It’s one of the reasons that a lot of people get exhausted this time of year, or even get colds, feel depleted or burnt out.    

The New Moon is similar. 

The New Moon is the beginning of a 28-day lunar cycle.  It’s when the sky is empty and dark. It wants us to slow down and tune into our bodies. 

So we had this powerful New Moon last week and we have the Winter Solstice Monday and it’s just some seriously powerful energy asking us to SLOW DOWN and retreat within. Cocoon.  Hibernate.

In short, we’ve got all of these energies that are pulling us, asking us to chill out, and if we don’t listen, we get burnt out.      

This holiday season, these holy days, I invite you to honor the darkness. 

In fact, the whole point of the holiday traditions of Christmas lights or candles on the Menorah is to bring light to the darkness. 

The fastest, quickest, easiest way to avoid burnout is to honor these cycles and honor the natural rhythms of your body.

So tell me…. how can you slow down to this time of year? Is there anything you are willing to take off of your to-do list this week so that you can really honor the stillness of this time of year?


Have you been feeling burnt out?  Have you will commit to slowing down so that you can truly enjoy this time of year?

Sending you cozy, cozy love from my home and my heart to yours!

Happy Holidays! 


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  1. So feeling this! I was wondering why this year I felt so much overwhelm (more so than previous years) and I think it’s because I’m actually more in tune with nature and the universe – before, I was just unaware and in this constant mode of DO DO DO (which also did not feel good and resulted in general burn-out) but part of being aware is actually noticing when you are headed to burn-out before you find yourself there and having the option to do something about it earlier! So, it’s a blessing to be aware of it but….being able to slow down when everything around you seems to be pushing even harder, takes another kind of awareness. I’m getting there….

    • I totally hear you Nina! It IS a blessing to be aware of it and since we’re humans….we remember then forget them remember again! So may we just keep remembering when we forget 😉

  2. Great message Julie. For a number of years now I have honored my desire to hibernate at this time of year and done way less pushing. I started limiting what I said yes to to those activities that really bring me joy. Like going out into the woods to cut down my own tree, or attending the annual Chanticleer Christmas concert or the Longest Night Service hosted by the Davis UU Church. These are all activities that feed my soul and don’t deplete my body of its limited strength. I found that once I stopped participating in all the craziness, I was able to really see how crazy it is, how caught up in the doing so many people get – forgetting it seems to me exactly what we honor this time of year – the divine light within each of us. Pacing myself in this way seem way more humane. I appreciate you raising the question so I could articulate what I’m feeling. Enjoy the Festive Season and the Holy Days. xoxox

    • So wise and perfect Tiny. Thank you for articulating this so beautifully…this time is not about DOING but rather about slowing down long enough to see and honor the divine light in each other. mmm thank you for this conversation.

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