Work With Me

You're done playing small and hiding your light.

You know you have more to give the world. You're tired of settling.  You simply want more.

Working with me is a profound journey.
I don't do quick fixes. I get real and we go deep.
That's why my work works.

You've already accomplished so much in your life.
On the outside, it looks like you've got it all together.
But, on the inside, you can sense that you're not living a life that truly fills you up.
You want to wake up feeling inspired and go to bed feeling useful.
You long for purpose and meaning.
You are ready for more.

 Our work together is about guiding you to remember and reclaim the real "you" -
the "you" who is confident, clear, purposeful, inspired, in love, and alive.

Are you ready to rediscover your inner light and step into a more meaningful life?

Here's how I love to work with women...



A 3-month 1-on-1 coaching program.  

A transformational journey for women ready to find more meaning, discover who they truly are, and finally come home to themselves.

This can also be done as an accelerated 6-week program if you choose.

Includes 3 months of private coaching and
weekly sacred accountability emails.



A 9-month 1-on-1 coaching program.  

A high level coaching program for intelligent, independent women who are done pretending like they have it all together and are ready for profound support.

Includes 9 months of private coaching
and a customized VIP Day with Julie in wine country, CA.



An in-person 2-night VIP Day with Julie.  

A luxurious, cozy & relaxed VIP Day in wine country, California to walk through vineyards, feel the grass under your feet, hear the birds chirp. This day is designed to create enough space & quiet to finally hear yourself again.

Includes everything from a deep dive with Julie to healthy local meals, massages, and so much more.



You’re ready to let go of self-doubt once and for all.
You’re ready to move forward.
You’re ready to uncover your dreams.
You’re ready to go deeper.
You’re ready to feel inspired and inspire others.
You’re ready to discover your purpose, your joy, and your passions.
You’re ready to step into your power.
You’re ready to share your gifts with the world.
You’re ready to feel alive and radiate your light.
You’re ready to discover why you’re here so you can be truly happy and wildly free…

It's time to break through and shine brightly.

I'm here to light your way.