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As women, we ALL get lost.  It’s part of the path. We over-work, over-give, over-achieve and eventually we lose our spark. We forget who we are as we conform to who we think we need to be.

If we’re lucky, we begin to hear a whisper inside of our heart. That whisper is a deep call to awaken to who you truly are.  It is a call to listen, to let go, and to remember.

You don’t have to have it all figured out, but you do have to do the work of finding yourself when you get lost.

​That’s where I come in.  I am here to guide you on this journey.

I know this road so well because I’ve walked this path countless times and my work now has one purpose: to support women in remembering who they are and why they’re here. 

I have faced change and been called to transform time after time. From Wall Street to India to everything in between, I have learned to listen to the call of my heart and allow myself to shed my skin as I continue to re-invent my life according to my soul’s direction. This is why I’m devoted to guiding other women on this path.

You already have all of the answers you need inside of you.  Even if they are hidden out of sight. The answers are there, waiting for you.  You simply need someone to ask you the right questions.

We can’t do it alone.

The world rises to meet us when we devote ourselves to becoming the best possible version of who we were born to be.

But, becoming the best possible version of yourself takes commitment and support.  I am here to support you, to stretch you, and to guide you to become your best self.  I am here to be your initiator, your teacher, and your guide. I work with your soul, not with your ego – which means that I care more about your growth than anything else.

Working with me is your chance to receive true support, to slow it all down, to ask yourself the real questions, and to learn to listen to your heart again.

I’m here to give you the tools you need to break out of the box so you can really start living the life you desire in a way that feeds your soul.

You will know yourself and come to trust yourself more than you ever have before.




I’m not here to fill you with fluff.  I’m here to guide you to remember the life you want, remove the blocks that are getting in the way of that, and to teach you the tools to maintain balance and stillness in the midst of this chaotic world as you move towards your dreams.  There will always be 100 things getting in the way of your happiness and your dreams, but your soul will never stop calling you forth.  You can try to ignore it, but the call only gets louder and more uncomfortable over time.

I promise to hold powerful space for your deep evolution and truest self to emerge. I promise to serve as an initiator, a healer, a helper, a guide, and as a profound support system so you can get clear on what you truly want for your life.  From this place, the answers and solutions reveal themselves. I promise to serve as a mirror to hold up and reflect your Truth back to you when you forget. I promise to serve as your CATALYST and help you find CLARITY for your next steps.

I’ve got you every step of the way. This is my promise to you.



The world has enough people trying to tell you what to do.  I see my job as guiding you to listen to your own inner guidance and discover the confidence and courage within you to follow your heart. I work with highly-motivated, heart-centered, driven, and soulful women who want to make this world a better place. 

I will play many roles in your life – as your initiator, your coach, your mentor, your teacher, your healer, and your friend.  But, mostly, I’m here to show you how to be those things for yourself.

You have all the answers you need inside of you.  I’m simply here to ask you the right questions and support you in slowing down long enough to hear them.




1) YOU: You take the first step by either watching our free training class here OR by booking a Breakthrough Call here.

2) ME: If you book a Breakthrough Call, I will take a look at your application and get a feel for where you are in your life and how I can support you before our call.

Note: I only work with a handful of women at a time – those who I feel I can truly support and impact.  If I believe you are one of those women, I will email you to set up a time for us to connect on the phone heart to heart so I can learn more about you.  I’ll share the details of how I work with women + then we’ll decide if working together is good fit for us both.

3) US: During our Breakthrough Call, we will  get on the phone for 1-hour and take a look at exactly what’s not working in your career and life – and then make a plan to point your life in the direction of your dreams. I promise you a catalyzing, life-changing conversation.



You can also book a free 1-hour Breakthrough Call where we will support you to get unstuck and get clear on the next steps calling you forth: Book your Breakthrough Call by clicking here.



The women who work with us…

  • Women who feel confident and fierce again…
  • Women who know how to take care of themselves even with busy lives.
  • Women who jump out of bed excited each day…
  • Women who feel light and on purpose again…
  • Women who can finally be present for the people in her life…
  • Women who attract romantic partners and develop deeper relationships with their current partner…
  • Women unafraid to speak up and use their voice a room full of men…
  • Women who finally master work-life balance….
  • Women who get super clear on what they really want out of life and then have the courage to go after it…

One of our students recently wrote this:

“This has been the most beautiful, most powerful, most profound journey I have been on in my life yet. I am so in touch with who I am.  I have gained so much self-confidence, have let go of a lot of self-doubt, and I have found myself again. I know exactly what my purpose is and I feel inspired about my life for the first time in years” – Melissa 

And another recently emailed me to say:

 “This program has changed my life, I feel so much more aware and awake. I am confident in who I am and feel like my whole life is beginning! This is the best money I have ever invested in myself. This is worth so much more than the investment! I’ve done a lot of work in the past but nothing has matched this program!” -Shanon C.

Do you want to feel this level of purpose, confidence, and excitement about your life?

If the answer is YES, then I’d love to share with you how these women are getting these kinds of results.

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