Cozy up. It’s that time. I invite you to take 11 minutes and let me guide you through a simple and powerful year-end ritual.

There are 4 short parts.

I suggest you create space in your day to sit down for a few minutes, grab a pen and paper, make some tea and press play.

This is also a beautiful exercise to do with the people you love – including friends, partners, and even children.

This simple 4-part process will help you take stock of where you’ve been so you can gather strength for where you’re going.

You can click the button below to listen to me guide you through this process or you can guide yourself by reading below.


1) The pain.

Leonard Cohen once said “There’s a crack in everything.  That’s how the light gets in.”

2017 has been an incredibly challenging year for most everyone I know – not only the world and domestic stage, but also in our personal lives.  It has challenged us in a way most of weren’t expecting.

So we must first acknowledge the pain…

What is 1 of the most painful things or situations that happened this year?

It’s important to acknowledge and feel the pain, and then let it go.


2) The gold.

Right after the pain, the light comes in.  

In all pain, there is growth.  In everything that is hard and challenging in our lives, there is also learning.  There is always gold that comes from pain when we look for it.  Pain doesn’t just happen for pain’s sake. Even though we dont’ understand why pain happens wh en it’s happening. The truth is that pain always helps us becomes better versions of ourselves – stronger, more real, more raw, and more beautiful.

What is the gold you can collect from the pain this year?  What is 1 positive thing you learned about yourself from the painful experience?


3) The dust.

Every year, there are always things that happen that we never ever want to repeat again.  I call these things the dust.  These may be certain people, patterns, old habits, or situations you don’t ever want to repeat again.

What are 1-3 things you want to leave behind in the dust of 2017?


4) The fuel.

The fuel is what you’ll use to propel you forward into next year.  Imagine who you want to become in 2017.  See the person you want to become.  Feel the new version of you.

What is the 1 word you need to be in order to fuel you forward?  What is the word that describes who you need to be next year in order to live the life you want to live?

Example: Brave, courageous, fearless, unstoppable, sovereign, abundant, open-hearted.

Everything that has happened before is gone – the pain, the gold, the dust – it’s all gone. What remains is the FUEL.  

This FUEL is the 1-word guiding principle for 2018.  It’s the fuel for who you’re meant to become next year.

Write your FUEL down and let it guide you through every moment next year.



Bowing to all of the pain and the lessons from 2017 as we welcome in 2018 with love and excitement.

“You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one; each day brings a miracle of its own. It’s just a matter of paying attention to this miracle.” —Paulo Coehlo

Please tell me in the comments below – WHAT IS YOUR FUEL FOR 2018?



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May your life be filled with miracles next year! 

With so much love,


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